Neon printed flags are here!

Let us set you apart from the crowd...

Neon printed flags are here!

Are you looking for one more way to set yourself apart from the crowd? Look no further than our best-in-class neon printed flags. The quality and brightness of our neon fabric is unparalleled - and paired with the skill of our design and fabrication teams, we can't be beat, and neither can you.

Neon digital flags offer:

  • Our brightest neon poly silk paired with our high-end digital printing, which gives a unique look that you can't get anywhere else
  • An eye catching look created by using high contrast and monochromic designs
  • A new way to give your show a one-of-a-kind look

When your effects need to be briliant, and your look needs to be custom, an ordinary flag won't do. Contact our team today at 888-785-9478 or to find out how our new neon fabric can work for you.