Digital Flags

Use strong, vivid design not only to compliment your show’s theme, but also to gain a visual edge and competitive advantage. Our award-winning designers can help you create a custom look specific to your show and performers. Together, we’ll stretch the creative limits, taking your performance beyond what you’ve imagined is possible.

Digital Floors

A visually stunning floor sets the stage and creates the mood for your show—before you even take the first step. Our digital floors, like our digital flags, can be custom-created in collaboration with our award-winning designers. We’ll work with you to imagine a striking, custom look for your performance.


Don’t know the difference between half-time and half-tempo? Even if you’re not a marching band, drum corps, color guard, or drumline, our fabrics, floor covers, backdrops, and signs may still be perfect for your business. If you need to transform your venue into a theme spectacular, let’s talk about how we can help make your vision come to life.

No-Sew Digital Flags

Fluorescent printed flags are here!

Let us set you apart from the crowd...

The No-Sew Digital Flags

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We invite you to explore the images above to see how some of the best drum corps, color guards, percussion ensembles, and marching bands in the sport have tapped in to the quality products and creative services Field and Floor FX offers.  We are proud to help our clients EXCEED their goals and make their dreams reality, season after season, because to us, it's more than just delivering a product.

"What I LOVE about these flags is there is a consistency of weight and therefore a consistency in performance!" -Key Poulan, Key Poulan Music

General Effect & Style

Flawless precision, beautiful music and dramatic movement are the bedrock of giving a dynamic performance.

If you are ready to take it to the next level, let us help you with our colorful and vibrant flags, floors and props to WOW your audience and set you apart from the competition.

We're more than just a production powerhouse, we ARE the artists behind the artists


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